Umpire Does Upside-Down Split To Signal A Wide Ball In A Maharashtra Tournament, Watch

Social media is one helluva place that has the power to make us laugh, cry, shock, and impress all at the same time. Every now and then, we discover something that amazes us.

Earlier, videos of Tanzanian siblings lip-syncing to Hindi songs ‘Raataan Lambiyan’ & ‘Ankh Uthi Mohabbat’ impressed people online. Soon after, a Rajasthan bride broke stereotypes after she wore a sherwani and pagdi, and arrived on a horse for pre-wedding rituals.

Now, a viral video from a cricket match is tickling our funny bones. The video opens with the baller bowling a wide ball to the batsman at a local cricket tournament in Maharashtra, Purandar Premier League, reported The Indian Express.

But what stole the show was the umpire’s improvised version of signaling that it was a wide ball. Instead of extending his arms horizontally, the umpire did a full slit, that too upside down.

The yoga instructor-turned umpire moved towards the camera and facing the audience he did the yoga pose, surprising everyone. The clip that was shared by Sarang Bhalerao garnered a lot of attention. According to him, the name of the umpire is DN Rock.

This is how people online reacted to the viral clip:

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What a creative way to keep the audiences engaged and make local cricket interesting.

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