The Ultimate List – 21 Types of Facebook Friends Everyone Has

We all have friends on Facebook whose online behavior leaves us amused, thrilled, sad, happy, excited or short of breath (due to excessive laughter). While a self-obsessed friend uploads only selfies throughout the day, another brings her copied jokes from Twitter. We’ve a bunch of them and each one has her own ‘signature move’.

So we decided to list the 24 most amusing types of Facebook friends we’ve all encountered. Sit back, grab a drink, enjoy and share it on Facebook to see how your friends react. 😉

1. The Incessant Taggers – tags you to nonsensical pics



2. The Copycats – copies content from Twitter, Quora, Reddit, pastes it on FB as own



3. The Armchair Philosophers – self-declared intellectual, pseudo intellectual behavior



4. The Pokers – pokes friends, stalks and pokes strangers



5. The Gamers – visit FB only to play, spams game requests to unlock achievements



6. The self-styled ‘Photographers’ – buys expensive DSLR, watermarks “Firstname Lastname Photography” onto all pics



7. The Narcissists – self-obsessed, 95% of albums consist of selfies



8. The TMI (Too Much Information) person – reveals more than it is necessary, embarrassing



9. The Lost One – away from FB for months, cow-webs on profile picture



10. The Superstitious – likes and shares chain status updates on Gods/miracles, scared of bad luck



11. The Confused Enlightened one – knows that FB is causing harm, decides to deactivate, then reactivates within hours, repeat



12. The not-so-tech-savvy – clicks on spammy links often leading to mass broadcast of embarrassing soft-porn links/pics



13. The Liker – likes own status updates, comments and pics (it’s like a self high-five, no?)



14. The Facebook Aunt – likes your each and every update, ‘serial-liker’



15. The Foreign obsessed Showoff – goes for a week’s vacation abroad and changes current city



16. The Sly Status Updater – writes sly updates, in the form of senti-updates, song lyrics, shayaari etc.



17. The “Louve” Birds – excessive PDA (Public Display of Affection)



18. The No-Filter Uploader – clicks 5 GB of pics, uploads 5 GB of pics




19. The Parents – they don’t have a profile picture yet, if they do then it’s time to customize status visibility 😉



20. The Stalker – checks your every update, browses every pic, but you never know she’s there *creeps*



21. The NSA – if ‘The Stalker’ isn’t creepy enough, Uncle Sam is watching you


Whom did we miss? Share your Facebook friend story below. We would love to hear it.

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