Airport Detained A Singer For Looking 20 Years Younger. Can You Guess Her Age?

They say age is just a number. Well, that’s true. But no one said that the number is supposed to be close to what you actually look like. I mean in my teens I looked like I was in my mid-twenties.

Yet, in this very world exists a parallel world where certain humans look nothing like their age. Case in point: These 40-year-old Taiwanese twins and their 63-year-old mom.

In another age-baffling episode, airport officials at Turkey stopped a Ukrainian woman, who happens to be a popular singer of a band. They stopped her because she didn’t look her age and looked 20 years younger.

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Well, who wouldn’t make that mistake? Just look at her.

Does she look like someone in their 40s? Oh, she is 41, BTW! Meet Natalie Dzenkiv, who was detained after she was going back home post a holiday in Turkey.

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The officials assumed that Natalie was travelling with someone else’s passport. At first, they didn’t believe her when she said that she’s 41. And it’s rumoured that they only let her pass after fans started asking for her autograph and began recognisng her. She told LadBible,

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“When I found out the reason for my arrest, I even started laughing as it was the age in my passport.I am already used to compliments about the way I look, but I couldn’t have imagined that it might be a reason for detaining me.”

At least, that’s one of the perks of being a known face. If this were to happen to someone else, we’re not sure how the situation would’ve panned out.

*goes back to her Insta and into disbelief that she’s 41*