Ukrainian Couple Rescued An Indian Stray Pup ‘Chapati’ And Today, She’s Travelling The World!

Unhappy with their lives, Ukrainian couple, Kristina Masalova and Eugene Petrus quit their jobs and decided to reboot their lives. They packed their bags and decided to come to India. While Kochi was not on their list of plans, it was the cheapest ticket and so they landed up there.

The couple started their journey from Fort Kochi and that’s where they came across a dehydrated, starving little Indian stray puppy whose chances of survival were slim. They did what good Samaritans would do, they took her to the hospital and finished all the medical procedures. And in that time, they realised the pooch was already a part of their family.

They couple say they named the pup, Chapati because,

” She was thin and tan like a Chapati, and we had no doubts what to name her. The next thing we knew, we were googling how to travel with a dog in India.”

An inseparable member of the family, Chapati has travelled all across India and her adventures are documented on her Instagram page, ‘traveling chapati‘.

Check out the adventures ofΒ Kristina Masalova, Eugene Petrus and of course Chapati:

1. TheirΒ friendship began with a cold shower!


2. Chapati’s first destination was Goa!


3. The best way to travel. EVER!


4. Love the caption…

Chapati at Chhatrapati πŸ˜‰ 🐾 Day 25 🐾

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5. Royalty awaits…

Namaste, Jodhpur 😍 🐾 Day 28 🐾

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6. That’s Manali, bro!


7. Β With daddy dearest


8. Simply the best!


9. Manali and no snow???


10. Seeking blessings in Nepal


11. Train travel can be pretty tough and she gets that!


12. The four-legged explorer…

13. Taking the world of social media by a storm with her cuteness!

So far, Chapati has travelled to India, Nepal, Thailand and The Philippines. It warms our hearts to know that they are good people like Kristina and Eugene that exist in this world. What they have done for Chapati, very few people would have had the courage to do so. We hope they serve as an inspiration to many others and many like Chapati find a beautiful family and home just like she did.

h/t: The Times of India