Drunk UK Lawyer Spat On Air India Crew Member’s Face After Being Refused More Wine

Simone Burns, an international human rights lawyer, was on board a long haul Air India flight from Mumbai to London in November 2018. After gulping down three bottles of red wine, the woman asked for the fourth bottle.

As the crew refused her another bottle of wine during breakfast time on her business class flight, the lawyer launched her drunken racist rant at the crew asking them to “F*** off”.

The 50-year-old lawyer went on to continue her foul-mouthed tirade of abuse at the crew. She spat in the face of a flight attendant and yelled, “I’m a fucking international lawyer.”

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The woman, later on, also retreated to the toilet for smoking cigarettes. A video of her rant went viral on the internet back then, where she was seen yelling, “‘F**k Air India is useless, I will say what I want. Indian money-grabbing c***s”.


She was arrested as soon as she deboarded the flight and pleaded guilty to assault in November. Saying that Burns was ‘drunk and obnoxious from beginning to the end of nine-hour flight’, the judge of Isleworth Crown Court has sentenced her to six months in prison.

Burns’ lawyer Mark Kimsey said, “She is deeply ashamed of her behavior; extremely apologetic and does not give any excuses for her behavior,” reports Hindustan Times.

Burns, since then, has been facing flak from all over the world for her abusive rant which was solely directed towards Air India and Indians. People have also bashed her asking her to give up practice and confine herself to her home.

A ‘barrister’ losing it over a bottle of wine in such a terrible way is complete irony to her being an ‘international savior of human rights’. Yelling obscenities at the crew under the influence of alcohol is downright pathetic!

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