UK Food Channel Shares Recipe Of Chicken Korma Made With Spinach, Raisins & Rice, Desis React

The utmost beauty of desi khana is that the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. The intricate details, the delicate flavours, and the patience with which each dish is cooked are something which sets our food apart from the rest of the world. Our mothers and grandmothers have often told us this with regard to cooking meat – the food tastes the best when it is cooked with time in hand, meaning the longer you cook the masalas in low flame, the better.

One of the ideal desi dishes is Chicken Korma – an item with a thick gravy made from yoghurt and a mix of our staple masalas. If you have eaten this dish enough, you would know that it looks something like this:

Image source

However, one UK-based food channel posted a tutorial of ‘One-Pot Chicken Korma’ made with ingredients including chicken breasts, spinach, raisins, and…wait for it…rice! Instead of adding the OG masalas, they added a ‘Korma paste’ and the final result seems more like a rice item than a chicken item. Have a look:

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So people online decided to call out the food channel’s BS and made it clear that this dish is anything but Chicken Korma. The sarcasm and the jokes just wouldn’t stop. Here’s a look:

First, you add chicken breast cubes instead of whole juicy pieces. Next, you add spinach and rice. And then…raisins! I mean, bro please stick to your lane!😭

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