UK Declares ‘Heatwave’ At 26-Degree Celsius, Indians Call It Their ‘Default AC Temperature’

Most families in India set their AC temperature between 22-26 degrees during the summer. During the months of May and June, the temperature in many parts of the country exceeds far beyond 40 degrees. There are heatwave notifications on our phones and going outdoors during afternoon hours is unbearable. When the temperature drops down to 26-28 degrees after rainfall, we get some degree of respite. However, the scene is very different in the United Kingdom.

For them, “heatwave” occurs at 26 degrees – our natural AC “cooling” temperature.

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The Mirror has reported that a “heatwave is predicted to encase the UK at the month’s end, as June finally warms up.” The cities that will be the hottest are Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Newcastle.

However, Indians found it difficult to digest this news. They thought that it was offensive how the UK declared an ongoing heatwave at 26 degrees while we continue to suffer at 40 degrees! Here’s a look at some of the hilarious reactions to the news:

Yeh kaisa nainsaafi hai? *cries*

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