11 Most Exciting Cases Of UFO Sightings That Almost Make You Believe In Aliens

Till date, there have been more than thousands of so-called UFO sightings. Most of these sightings are dismissed as hoaxes as they often lack any conclusive proof or evidence. But then there are a few incidents which create a buzz like no other.

Very few things capture our imagination like extra-terrestrial things or objects.

Here are few incidents that make us believe in extra-terrestrial life.

1. Charama, Chhattisgarh

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What made these pre-historic rock paintings so interesting is that, these paintings depict human figures wearing suits similar to modern day space suits.

If you watch the paintings closely you could also spot a saucer-like flying object that looks like a UFO. Quite interestingly, stories of people coming from sky has been a part of their folklore for ages.

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2. The Delhi Flying Club

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In the year 1951, a chief aerial engineer, along with two of his assistants spotted an unidentified object in the sky, they initially dismissed as a cloud.

Soon they saw the object increase in length. Around 20 people saw this strange object. The speed of the object was believed to be three times more than any normal jet.

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3. Roswell Incident

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It is probably the most famous incident related to UFO sightings. According to the United States, the object that crashed was nothing more than a surveillance balloon.

But many other experts claim that it was not a mere surveillance balloon but rather an extraterrestrial spaceship.

They also claim that all the aliens that came out of the UFO were captured by the US Army and they are probably kept at Area 51.

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4. UFO sightings at Ladakh

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If you thought all UFOs are sighted in the USA, then you cannot be more wrong.

According to the sources in the Army Headquarters in Ladakh, over the past few years, there have been more than 100 sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Till day, no one has been able to identify what these objects actually are. These objects are often bright yellow in color and come from the side of China.

Skeptics believe that these objects might be Chinese drones rather than UFOs.

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5. Jodhpur Boom

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Well, in this case, no UFO was actually sighted but almost everyone in the city heard a loud sound.

People started to investigate from where did the sound come from, but till day, no one has any answers.

Many people believe that it was the sound of a UFO that went over the city. The city has also recorded quite a few UFO sightings.

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6. The William Schaffner Incident

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He was a pilot in the US Air Force. Once an object was spotted on the radar and as he was on duty, he took off to follow the object.

After that, no one actually has any idea what really happened. His flight lost all contacts and no one was able to track him.

Now, what makes this story even more interesting is the fact that when a few days later they ultimately found his aircraft, it was completely intact but the only William was missing.

No one knows what actually happened to him that day, but according to many experts, he was probably abducted by the aliens.

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7. Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident

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This incident occurred when a Japanese cargo aircraft was on its way to Tokyo from Paris.

Near eastern Alaska, the crew spotted two unknown objects flying close to their flight.

These objects did not look like any normal aircraft.

Soon, these objects left their sides and a third circular shaped flying object started following them. Sensing danger, the pilot ultimately changed the course of the flight, in order to avoid these objects.

According to the pilot, the size of these objects was twice the size of an aircraft carrier.

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8. Trans-En-Provence Incident

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This incident is often considered as the only incident that gave many people conclusive proof of extraterrestrial objects and life.

What makes this incident special is the fact that the reported UFO actually left behind some real physical evidence.

One day around 5pm, a local farmer heard some weird whistling sounds. When he followed the sound, saw a saucer-shaped object. But before he could react the object took off immediately.

After the object left, he observed some strange burn marks on the ground where the object had landed.

Later, it was found that the chlorophyll level of plants of that particular place had strangely gone down by almost 30%.

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9. Phoenix Lights

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What makes this incident so special is the fact that more than thousands of people actually claim to have seen these weird lights.

Another interesting part about this incident is the fact that unlike most of the UFOs, this one was not saucer shaped.

According to the people the UFO was V-shaped and was bigger than even a football field.

It made no sound and had spherical lights.

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10. The Battle of Los Angeles

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Today, this incident has kind of become a part of modern folklore. It happened back in 1940’s when the World War II was still on.

When the people first saw the flying object they thought it was some Japanese war aircraft.

More than 1400 shells were fired at this supposed enemy aircraft but strangely not a single shell caused any damage.

Till day, no one knows what that object actually was. People who actually saw the object believe that the saucer-like object was actually a UFO.

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11. Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

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This is one of the most talked about UFO sighting. It is believed that an extra-terrestrial craft landed in the Rendlesham Forest in the year 1980.

What separates it from incidents is the fact that the UFO actually landed and many people actually saw it.

People who saw it claimed that the light that the object was emitting was so strong that it felt like it would almost burn their eyes.

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Every time we want to believe that extraterrestrial life is a myth, these uncanny incidents always force us to think otherwise.

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Disclaimer: These events are curated and we don’t endorse these directly and can’t verify the authenticity or credibility of the claims

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