Uber To Start #UberPUPPIES. Delhi Users Can Now Cuddle With Puppies For 15 Minutes

Uber is an American transportation company which is headquartered in san Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers who have smartphones to request a ride to their preferred destination.

Uber is now offering pups in demand so that they can raise awareness about the dog adoption in Delhi

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This initiative is in partnership with a dog pet store called Dogspot. Uber has announced that between 1 PM and 4 PM on Wednesday, anyone can request puppies by using its app. Once the user is connected successfully, a cab called #uberPUPPIES will arrive at the requested address for ’15 minutes of cuddle time’. “We wrote to Uber two months back to partner with us on pet-related initiatives.” He added, “We have two objectives for this particular initiative. We want to raise awareness among prospective pet owners about adoption, and secondly, use first-time pet parents to share their experiences about having a pet around them,” said CEO of Dogspot, Rana Atheya.

“We will be assembling in a common area in Gurgaon, and go across to places like Noida and Delhi and spend time with those who hail our puppy cabs,” said Shipra, one of the volunteers. She added “We will spend 15-20 minutes with people who request our puppy cab and tell them the benefits of adoption.” After the completion of the event, the dogs will be returned to their foster parents.

After hearing this news, people have been expressing their opinions over Twitter. Here are some of the tweets.




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Well, this is a great (and cute) initiative that Uber has taken. Earlier Uber teamed up with ResQ in Pune for “Change a pet’s life day”.

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