Uber Hires Female Drivers In Mumbai To Make Women Passengers Feel Safe

Uber, a transportation network,  has been under the radar for quite long for the wrong reasons. After the rape incident in Delhi, there was a molestation case filed against them, not a month back.

To boost its image, Uber has decided to hire women drivers in Mumbai from now on. This would clearly boost Uber’s image which has been constantly deteriorating, no thanks to its drivers. This move is brilliant in a way, because it will ensure safety for women, especially in the night. This newfound momentum to bring women on board is  the result of the aftermath that Uber faced last year after a male driver employed on its platform allegedly raped a 27-year-old woman at night in New Delhi.

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Women feel safe when I ferry them from the airport to their residences or from one part of the city to another,” said Samina Bhokiya (29) who has recently joined this platform. She earns up to Rs 3000/- per day. She further adds, “Our customers express surprise when they see me (woman driver) and it gives woman passenger a sense of security, especially during late night hours.

The demand for cabs is rising and particularly in Mumbai, the cab service is much needed. “Unlike the fleet cabs, we have a lot of incentives while working for aggregators. In fact, at Uber, I have zero waiting time as the demand for cabs is so high in Mumbai. The moment I drop a passenger, I get another one on my mobile app, and so on. I am assured of earning up to Rs 3,000 daily,” states Samina.

Though there are just twenty women drivers now, Uber plans to bump up the number of women drivers. For that, they have to undergo a three-month training and after that they can be a woman cabbie!

A brilliant move, Uber no doubt, but will it help redeem their image?

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