Woman Finds ‘Walking Buddy’ Option On Uber, Twitter Raises Doubts About The Ride


Online taxi services these days offer top-notch amenities to attract customers. From chopper rides to special driver’s menu, hiring a cab is not only easy and quick but also very customer-friendly. In fact, ride-hailing companies these days are upping their game by including newer options frequently.

Recently, Twitter user Jasmine (JReneex) was booking a ride when the taxi app showed her the option of getting a ‘Walking Buddy’. She wanted to go to LaGuardia Airport in New York and the ‘walking buddy’ was the cheapest option at $7.50 (Rs.500 approximately), reports Indian Express.

Have a look at her Tweet:

The ‘ride’ that originally cost $20.25 (Rs.1400 approximately), showed the icon of a man and woman holding hands, for a journey that indicated a three-hour duration.

The unusual ‘ride’ garnered a lot of hilarious reactions online including a quirky response from Uber as well:


A few people were also concerned about safety during such a ‘ride’:


The ‘Walking Buddy’ option was not real as the company’s official website didn’t have any such option, reports Hindustan Times. However, what do you think? Is walking buddy a good or bad idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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