Uber Driver Takes Rider For A Dream Trip Across Mumbai Without Picking Him Up!

What we are about to tell you, will give you the perfect dose of laughter for the day. To start with, we are all familiar with cab services like Uber and Ola, which have significantly decreased the hassle of roaming around and looking for yellow taxis and then, hearing a straight ‘no’ on the face.

While the drivers are known to reach the point of pick up point on confirmation of the ride, leaving us with absolutely zero work to do, a recent case is making us think otherwise.

In a bizarre incident that took place with an individual named Preshit Deorukhkar, his Uber driver went for a trip across the city without even picking him up! After all, even the drivers need some alone time, right?

Representative Image

Preshit took to Twitter immediately to report his situation to Uber. In his post, he mentioned that the driver had started the trip without even reaching the location. He tried to call the driver, but who cares? He was having the time of his life at the rider’s expense.

With no choice left, Preshit tracked the driver’s journey on the app to keep Uber updated about the unusual happening.

Just for your information, the driver also did not have a proper name but had a ‘P’.

Well, it seemed as if he needed the solo ride badly.

He was in no mood for pickups, for, ‘Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara’.

Or was there some mysterious plan, eh?

Time to get back to the chaos, brother.

What a twist in the story! He is not finished yet.

You long drive is excused, my child.

The mangroves definitely felt better than the city.

Oh no, we are on the last day of the vacation!

Is there a rating for a trip to be remembered forever?

That’s a hell lot of money, but!

However, Uber did reply to the rider on the mysterious ride. Oh, wait, where is the apology?

Jokes apart, Uber needs to be strict about these serious inconveniences caused intentionally by unruly drivers than just making a mere note. After all, the services are meant for reducing the struggles and not for harassing the rider.

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