Uber Driver In Maharashtra Using A Shaving Mirror As Rear-View Is The Ultimate ‘Jugaad’!

Whenever we come across a crisis situation with no immediate fix, we turn to the first thing which comes into our minds Рjugaad! 

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This Uber driver from Maharashtra seems to have come up with the perfect plan to substitute his damaged rearview mirror.

Recently a Reddit user posted a picture under the title “Jugaad” showing how the driver used a small shaving mirror in place of his rear-view!

The driver seems to have tactfully tied the mirror in place using tapes which will want to make you laud him for his creativity!

Jugaad from india

As out-of-the-box as this solution may seem, the picture left Redditers divided. While there were many who were blown away with this move, a few pointed out that it was downright stupid.

Of course, it inspired a few jokes!

But someone did the math.

At least the driver made an effort!

But then…

He’s got a point.

This guy pointed out that the mirror will be shaky and blurry, therefore useless.

What can one do if he’s short on cash?

So you were saying?

You might not love him. You might not hate him. But accept it, you definitely cannot ignore him and his innovative attempt!