Pune Becomes 1st City In India To Install Tyre Killers To Discourage Wrong Side Driving

Road rage is often due to the negligence of traffic rules and irresponsible driving. Watching people ride their two-wheelers on the footpaths meant for pedestrians, parking in the wrong way, not wearing helmets/seat belts is not an uncommon sight nowadays. In addition to this, people create more confusion in traffic control by travelling in the wrong direction on the road. Since it is not possible for the police to be everywhere, a historic step has been taken to curb the same.

In a historic step, Pune police have become the first ones to install tyre killers in Amanora Park Town to discourage people from driving from the wrong side of the road.

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These tyre killers will act as a speed-breaker if someone comes from the right side, but if somebody tries to get away with driving away from the wrong side, the spikes will slash your tyres.

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As reported by Indian Express, warning signs have also been installed in the places to prevent mishaps from happening. The police have indeed taken care of an accident that might occur if people can’t see the spikes while driving.

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The tyre killers sure look like they could do some serious damage even if your tyres just graze through them.

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A video has also surfaced online which shows how the tyre killers are nothing but harmless speed-breakers when you approach them from the right side. The video shows scared two-wheeler drivers as they cross the contraption with no damage to their tyres.

You can watch it here:

While this might deter a lot of confusion on the roads and ensure people are compelled to follow traffic rules, it might cause a few problems during an emergency as well. What do you think about this? Is this step smart along with being historic? Let us know.

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