How Aware Are You On The Different Types Of Discrimination? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

When you go to a family gathering or attend a function in your neighborhood, what is the first question that people are most likely to ask while greeting you?
Have you put on weight?
Why do you look so dark?
When do you plan on getting married?

Sounds familiar? Well, while it might seem weird, it is actually pretty normal for many to ask such questions because of their prejudiced mentality. Our society has been so discriminatory against people based on their gender, sexual identity, caste, religion, financial status, etc. that many find it difficult to differentiate between correct and discriminatory behavior.

Hence, being fat isn’t acceptable, being a single woman in her 30s is looked down upon, and being transgender is downright unimaginable. If we are to count the ways in which society has been insensitive to people who don’t fit into its prescribed boxes, have denied them opportunities, and stripped them off their dignity on a daily basis, we would lose pages but the points would never end.

But, aren’t we all just human before anything else? Why does the world limit our identities by fitting us into boxes when we are meant to live life without limitations? The pandemic has been a great example of how diseases don’t discriminate – it hits everyone equally. Then why should we?

Echoing the same thought is Just Human Sanitizer – a 24-hour sanitizer which needs to be used just once a day instead of several times, making us and our loved ones #FeelHumanAgain. Their belief is simple yet strong: #IAmJustHuman and our colour, caste, creed, gender, etc. doesn’t change that.

However, if we are to live in a world free of discrimination, we first need to identify it correctly as there are various types of it. Take this quiz to find out how educated are you in spotting discrimination:

1. Which one below is an example for gender discrimination?

2. Which one below is an example for ageism?

3. Which one below counts as sexism?

4. Which one below is an example for sizeism?

5. Which one below is an example for racism?

6. What is colourism?

7. Which one below is an example for ableism?

8. Which one below is an example for economic discrimination?

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