People Are Amazed By This Viral Video Showing Creative Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces

As kids, we were taught how to tie shoelaces using different techniques like the ‘loop method’ or the ‘bunny ears method’. The first time we did it all by ourselves was a major milestone. But over the years, it has become like second nature. So much so that we don’t even pay much attention while doing it now.

Which is why when Twitter user @bob_kitt shared this video showing creative ways to tie shoelaces, it was a revelation to everyone.

The video garnered 2,31,000 retweets and 7,36,000 likes in a matter of 3 days. It showcases 12 innovative (albeit difficult) ways to complete the task and each one is prettier than the other. What makes it even more fun is that the laces are not solid coloured. Some of them are rainbow-coloured, while others have an ombre effect.

Some people were awed by the impressive technique and creativity shown and called the video therapeutic. But a few observed that it would be extremely time-consuming to replicate.

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Mind = Blown? So, next time you’re tying your shoes, ditch the normal knot and try something new instead.Β Also, fun fact: the ends of shoelaces are tightly secured by tubes made out of metal or plastic. And these are called aglets!

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