15 Things You Face When You Ride A Two Wheeler In India

If you think bikes are cool, try overtaking a car on a road with a lot of potholes, wearing a white tee on a rainy day.

1. No matter how beautiful your hair looks at home, once you’re on your bike, all that is gone

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And all that is left is unmanageable hair. Thanks, wind & helmet.


2. The rainy season is your personal hell

With all the cars splashing water, and the constant fear of losing balance and skidding.


3. You have to cover yourself head to toe during the rains

Dirt getting splattered on your face. Thanks to the rear wheel of the bike in front of you.


4. When you have to carry more than 2 bags, you start calculating moves

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One goes in the back, one at front, two on the handle. Sounds like a plan.


5. You always have to put extra layers of sunscreen to avoid the tan

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6. You’re always scared of being trampled by buses & trucks

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7. Blinkers don’t always help so you have to use your hand



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8. While cars have people cleaning them, you’re always cleaning your own bike, without any help

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10.You are an easy prey for the Traffic Police


11. While there’s valet parking for cars,

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there’s none for bikes 🙁



12. You always find dogs chasing your bike for reasons not known to mankind

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13. On the plus side, you can snake your way through animals sitting on the road


Bikes – 1, Cars – 0


14. And easily find your way through traffic

Bikes – 2, Cars – 0


15.  In the end, bikes are fuel-efficient, economical & fun

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So keep enjoying the wind running through your helmet. Feel the breeze on your cheeks.
Ride on. Ride safe.

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