2 Tushar Kumars From Different Indian States Fight To Claim 44th Rank In The UPSC 2022 Exam

A most shocking incident recently came to light after the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the final result of the 2022 Civil Services (Main) exam earlier this month. Two women with the same first name and roll number from MP claimed the 184th rank in the exam.

While an investigation is underway into the matter, another similar incident saw the light of day, shaking everyone’s belief in the Indian system. Now, two men, both named Tushar are fighting over the 44th rank of the civil service examination.

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While in the earlier case, both women were from different districts of the same state, in this case, both Tushar Kumars belong to different Indian cities altogether.

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, one of them is from Bhagalpur in Bihar and the other person with the same name is from Haryana’s Rewari. Sitting kilometers apart from each other, both these candidates claimed the 44th rank two days after the UPSC results were announced.

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When they produced their call letters to support their claims, it was noticed that both of them have the same roll number and both appeared for the personality test on May 8 at 1 pm at the UPSC office in New Delhi.

It was only when Bihar’s Tushar Kumar filed a police complaint against Tushar Kumar from Rewari alleging that he was making false claims about clearing the exam, that the case came to light.

Bihar’s Tushar got to know that Rewari’s Tushar was being felicitated for securing the 44th rank from news channels.

In his complaint, he said that he graduated in textiles from IIT-Delhi in 2016 and this was his sixth attempt.

“I filed a complaint with the Kaimur superintendent of police and urged him to take strict action against Rewari’s Tushar for falsely claiming the rank 44. The UPSC can’t make such mistakes. I pursued my graduation in textiles from IIT-Delhi in 2016 and this was my sixth attempt. I had appeared in the interviews four times but could not make the cut. My family and friends were busy celebrating the success when I got to know that someone else was staking a claim over my rank,” Bihar’s Tushar said.

Interestingly, he alleged that the other Tushar from Rewari has forged the admit card. When he contacted him to produce his documents, the other candidate refused to do so.

“His admit card doesn’t have his Aadhar card details, but mine has. Plus, the QR code on his call letter doesn’t show any information about him whereas my QR code reveals all information after scanning.”

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On the other hand, Rewari resident Tushar said that he will visit the UPSC office to resolve the matter.

Saying that he cracked the UPSC exam without taking any coaching, he added that after his parent’s death, a few years ago he studied in Rewari.

On hearing about this complicated incident, the Rewari deputy commissioner Imran Raza said:

“We are aware of the matter but it’s the job of the UPSC to clear the air.”

According to reports, 933 candidates have qualified for the civil services exam in 2022. Such kind of negligence and goof-up isn’t expected from an authority responsible for bringing up future leaders of the country. Hopefully, they get to the depth of the matter and resolve the issue.


After an investigation into the matter, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Friday declared that Tushar Kumar from Bihar (Roll Number 1521306) is the genuine candidate who has secured the 44th rank, reported Hindustan Times. The UPSC authorities are contemplating criminal and disciplinary action against the other candidate.

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