Mumbai Hotel Billed A Man ₹1700 For 2 Boiled Eggs & My Middle-Class Heart Can’t Handle It!


Relishing a delectable meal at a luxury hotel is definitely on our bucket-lists, but many of us do order after glancing at the prices before ordering the dish. After all, sometimes the prices are so high that it seems like you’re buying hotel shares and not just a meal!

Rahul Bose and his experience with a banana costing Rs. 442 in a Chandigarh hotel is still fresh in our minds. And if that seemed expensive, just wait. The saga of two boiled eggs will make you feel absolutely cheated!

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A Twitter user posted his bill, where he paid 1700 for just two boiled eggs. The user, Kartik Dhar shared his experience with Mumbai’s Four Seasons, a restaurant chain that functions across India. He wrote, “2 eggs for Rs 1700 at the @FourSeasons Mumbai. @RahulBose1 Bhai Aandolan karein?


With the bill totaling almost Rs. 7000, people were outraged at the overpriced food in luxury hotels.


Meanwhile, my mom is out negotiating rates with sabziwalas for snagging tomatoes at Rs.10 along with free dhaniya. I wonder if she’d have asked the hotel staff, “Bhaiya, theek theek laga do na!”

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