Twinkle Cracked A Joke On Akshay-Dua Controversy And The Internet Called Out The ‘Hypocrisy’

We have all heard of the Mallika Dua- Akshay Kumar feud that has been plastered over our news feed for the past few days. A lot has been said about the issue, many have picked sides, but it seems far from over.

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Twinkle Khanna, was dragged into the matter by fans who wanted to know what MrsFunnyBones’ had to say.Twinkle tried to justify her husband’s behaviour by trying to ‘educate’ people on context. She said,

“Words, especially humour has to be seen in its right context.”

However, after Twinkle Khanna gave her opinion and asked fans to “stop tagging” her in this debate, she cracked a joke on the controversy tweeting,

“What is Akshay Kumar’s Favourite Car? Bell Gadi.

Why did Akshay Kumar go the mosque? He wanted to hear some duas”

Twitterati had a lot to say, while some are being sensitive to Dua’s cause and calling Twinkle out, some are also supporting MrsFunnyBones.

1. This user makes a very valid point.

2. Some took the funnier route.

3. This user calls out her double standards.

4. Has Twinkle disappointed her fans?

5. She has a point.

6. This user also shared Mallika’s own words on the controversy.

Twinkle’s “lame joke” seems to have angered some fans and the internet isn’t taking it lightly. Though it is okay for her to put forth her statement on the matter, people on the internet stand divided. Some say that she may have crossed certain lines while others feel it was just a joke. What do you think?

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