Twitter Thread Narrates How A Newcomer In Mumbai Fell In Love With The City On Ganesh Chaturthi

Mumbai meri jaan!” There’s just something about the hustling bustling city that makes you fall undeniably in love with it. Though notoriously overcrowded, it finds space for everyone in its arms, making them feel right at home. With its unique brew of different cultures, the glitz and glam of Bollywood and thriving life, one could say the city holds the spirit of India.

But for someone coming to Mumbai for the first time, it could all be a bit too much to take in. The very thing that makes Mumbai special can also be overwhelming at first glance.

And though its name may have changed from Bombay to Mumbai, this city will forever be a feeling. Aamchi Mumbai.

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On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Twitter user @swatieyz posted a Twitter thread about the first time she fell in love with this city that never sleeps.

Remembering the time she moved to Mumbai in 2016, she began:

Such an auspicious day to make the move!

She continues:

Her colleagues and boss joked that she should pay her respects to the Lal Bagh Ka Raja for her move to Mumbai:


Until curiosity took over:

And Twitter didn’t disappoint. She received positive responses soon enough:

She had a gala time at the festival even with limited cash in hand:

Lucky for her, help arrived at the right time:

And then she witnessed the true spirit of Mumbai:

This. This right here perfectly depicts why Mumbai has such a special place in everyone’s hearts.

She ended her thread on this note:

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Aamchi Mumbai, indeed.

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