This Man’s Incredible Story About How He Met His Wife Is The HIMYM Ending We All Deserved!

There is no dearth of content on Twitter. There are cat videos, witty comebacks, funny memes and a truckload of useful article links. So, for a particular post or tweet to stand out from the rest of the crowd, it needs to be highly creative or extremely hilarious. Recently, a thread by user @sixthformpoet accumulated 193,000 retweets and 434,000 likes. Read on to find out why.

It all started with the line “My dad died.” Usually, such a statement promises a sad or even morbid story ahead but the author promised that it would get funnier.

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Here is how he began telling the tale of his father’s demise.

Buying a bouquet for a deceased man that you never saw when he was alive is both weird and sweet. But continue reading because things escalated quickly from this point in the story.

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This is what happened next. The identity of the man revealed!

What an ending! People were quite taken in with the story and were pleasantly surprised it turned out to be the start of a romance.

We don’t know for sure if the tale is based on true events or not, but we agree with the Internet that it absolutely is movie material. Or a TV show. Or a book!