Pak Actor Criticises SRK For Lion King Dub, Gets Brutally Trolled For Making This Hilarious Mistake!

The heartthrob of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan recently revealed to the world, his son’s latest feat. In a Twitter post, King Khan unveiled the dubbed version of the teaser of The Lion King, presenting Aryan Khan as Simba.

And as fame attracts both love and hatred, his sweet fatherly gesture was appreciated by many but also received backlash from those who couldn’t really make out the difference between the father and the son’s voice.

Among those was Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid who got confused by the likeness in their voices and expressed himself on social media. Shahid didn’t seem to realize that Aryan Khan voiced Simba and slapped Shahrukh claiming that he “destroy(ed) an iconic film with Hindi dub”.

SRK’s fans around the world were outraged by Shahid’s blunder and loyally rose in support of their superstar.

Perhaps the Pakistani actor will now realise the importance of doing his homework before posting something online.

We liked the teaser. Tell us what you think about the uncanny resemblance between Aryan’s and SRK’s voice.

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