Woman Asks People Online To Remove Guys In The Background Of Her Pic, Gets Funny Edits

These days, I have been living, breathing, eating, and even sleeping on the internet. Sometimes while mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, and often going through some bizarre life crisis of people on Reddit, I come across heartwarming stories that make me feel good about being alive in the current times.

And I can say that the internet is not just a hate-spewing machine. Sometimes, people take a break from mocking and criticizing others just to help them with their issues.

Representative Image

And since in the past, many people got their photos creatively edited by strangers online, this woman also decided to give it a shot.

Twitter user (@pachtaogaybro) posted a picture of her looking at a beautifully lit building. However, on zooming, she spotted that a couple of guys gossiping at the corner and some other random men have made it to her picture.

Obviously, no one wants a cluttered picture with random guys. So, to make her pic look aesthetically pleasing, she urged people online to swoosh their magic wand on her picture and remove the guys from it.

And you know how sweet people on Twitter are. They quickly obliged the woman’s request and started working on making her pic look perfect. And the results were some gorgeous images that got us ROFL.

Take a look:

There’s always the one who’s genuinely here to help.

The amount of effort these guys have put into hilariously editing her picture is just crazy. Isse simple hota to easily remove the guys from it, as she wanted. But then, usme maza kahan, haina?

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