#RIPTwitter: Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees To Work Long Hours Or Leave, Hundreds Exit

Ever since business magnate Elon Musk took over Twitter, the blue birdie hasn’t stopped chirping. From firing staff including top executives to employees working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, a lot’s going on inside the company.

A couple of them were also shown the door for criticizing Musk.

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According to a report by The Guardian, Elon Musk recently gave an ultimatum to staff threatening them to either sign up for ‘long hours at high intensity’ or leave.

Reports suggest Musk sent a late-night email to the remaining staff of Twitter informing them about his ultimatum to build up Twitter 2.0. Those who wanted to agree to it and stay had only a day (5 p.m. ET on Thursday) to decide. Post the deadline, they would receive three months of severance.

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Following his email, several employees (reportedly in hundreds) decided to part ways and not be a part of the new Twitter.

An anonymous Twitter employee said, “Entire teams representing critical infrastructure are voluntarily departing the company, leaving the company at serious risk of being able to recover.”

“We are skilled professionals with lots of options, so Elon has given us no reasons to stay and many to leave,” said another staff member.

Here are some employees counting the seconds to Musk’s deadline after they decided to leave the company.

Several employees also started posting farewell messages on Slack (the internal communications platform of the company).

Amid this chaos, #RIPTwitter, and #TwitterDown started trending on the micro-blogging site, Some employees also said their final goodbyes to the company.

Soon after, Twitter announced via email that it would close “office buildings” and disable employee badge access until Monday.

As of now, it’s unclear how many employees have left Twitter in this mass resignation. Is the Musk era ending before even kickstarting? What do you think of this? Will Twitter shut down?

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