Yes, Dhinchak Pooja’s Videos Are Deleted And Twitter’s Celebrating It With Memes And Jokes


We were the bearers of good news yesterday and told you all that Dhinchak Pooja was wiped off the internet by the good Samaritan called Kathappa Singh. While the news took a while to settle in, the latest development is that only ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’ is still live, while the other 11 videos are still down.

The news spread like wildfire and people were touched by the news. Much so, that they had a mixed bag of reactions. And, here they are. TBH, they are lit and hilarious AF.

1. Literally me!


2. We really can’t complain now, can we?


3. Oh, the realisation is really scary.


4. YouTube had the final word.


5. Dear Facebook and Twitter, be safe.


6. That be true.


7. So has mine, bro, so has mine.


8. Why is this so funny? I don’t even know. But it is.


9. Thank God, the song isn’t Daaru Daaru!


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10. All hail YouTube.


11. Oh, thoughtful Pahlaj can be applicable here too.


12. For real? Who’s going, though?


13. Our thoughts exactly.


14. Kathappa, you deserve it man.


15.  The ultimate question.  But we know why.


16. True that.


17. Well, well, well.


18. True that, again, dude!

Is it just me or even you feel quite good about the video deletion bit?

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