Twitter Deletes Fake Accounts In An Internet Purge, Twitterati Reacts With Hilarious Memes

Twitter began as a medium to let the general masses interact with people from various walks of life. However, its biggest feature was that it allowed everyone to connect with their favourite celebrities and vice versa. However, soon it became a cesspool of abuse, fake accounts, and spamming. But Twitter said enough is enough.

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According to Jack Dorsey, Twitter conducted a widespread purge to get rid of fake and locked accounts. The primary reason to do so was to make the micro-blogging site a genuine space. And the hit was widespread. Everyone from Donald Trump Jr. to your neighbour got hit. So, how did Tweeple react? With memes.

Here are the best reactions to the Twitter purge:

1. Quite possible.

2. Count your eggs…

3. Top marks for honesty.

4. Mitron, surgical strike pasand aya ya nahi aya?!

5. Don’t give them ideas.

6. Is he the 1% kitanu those ads keep talking about?

7. Just chill, chill. Just chill.

8. These stunts are performed by professionals.

9. Zor ka jhatka, zor se hi laga.

10. The truth always hurts.

11. I heartily second that.

12. Does it bring a smile on your face?

13. *evil laughs*

14. Itni khusi!

15. You can always find parallels if you look for them.

16. Ye kya ho raha hai bhaiya, ye kya ho raha hai?

People have been complaining about bots and fake followers for a long time. So, it’s great that Twitter took the initiative to finally do it. And although it cost them a lot, the purge was definitely worth it. That said, how many followers did you lose?

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