“The Plane Is Meant To Fly, Not Your Temper.” Twinkle Taunts Kapil and Ravindra Gaikwad

Mrs Funnybones as she is fondly called, Twinkle Khanna has this keen sense of observation which is aptly reflected in her thoughtful writings. She is always making us laugh while simultaneously making us think. Let me tell you, not an easy combination at all!

She always has an opinion on everything and boy don’t we love this straightforward lady? Recently, in her Times of India blog, Twinkle Khanna writes about the raging current issues: the Kapil Sharma feud and the Ravindra Gaikwad episode! The common string between the two? Airplanes!

Halfway through her blog Twinkle writes about how “copious amounts” of alcohol can lead to “disastrous” incidents like the one that took place between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover.

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“I would like to point out that though airlines routinely confiscate knives, scissors, and cricket bats, there are quite a few other potential weapons that are innocuously flying at 30,000 feet up in the air. I don’t mean smuggling a matchstick and trying to ignite your Scotch on the rocks, but it can lead to equally disastrous results when you pour copious amounts of the same down your throat.

More recently, when all the free inflight booze led to a free-for-all, with an allegedly inebriated comedian, Kapil Sharma, hurling a shoe at his colleague. Please note, footwear is also apparently yet another trendy weapon these days.”


She also took a dig at Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad by her clever use of words.

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“A fact demonstrated by the now infamous Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad who forgot that when you climb on board, it is the plane that is meant to fly and not your temper. He reportedly took off his slipper and, by his own admission, hit an Air India employee 25 times.

Aside from this violent behavior, what I find equally bewildering is how he arrived at this particular number. Why was he smacking the poor man and counting simultaneously? Was this a numerological auspicious number or an existential philosophy that in order to get even with the poor duty manager he must end at an odd number?”

Speaking of even, domestic airlines retaliated with a flying ban that grounded the MP like a root vegetable. The higher you fly, the harder you fall is an adage that may well have echoed in the MP’s ears after he tripped over his own ego and had to sit around with not just his foot but his slipper in his mouth. Only a ‘regret letter’ to the Civil Aviation ministry finally got his no-fly ban revoked.”


Mrs Funnybones ends her blog by writing how the “golden era of air travel has gone down the toilet” and we cannot agree more. Seriously, where are our manners and dignity? Shouldn’t humans try to not act in an inhuman manner?

News Source: Times Of India

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