Twinkle Khanna Is Putting Her Mom Card To Good Use During Her Vacation With Akshay And The Kids

As soon as July rolled in, I had two thoughts: “Is it July already???” and “Damn, there’s still 6 months left in this year!” I can’t decide whether I want time to slow down or speed up. The only thought that keeps running through my head is that I need a vacation. Don’t ask me why. A girl needs one when she needs one. End of story.

However, like my New Year’s resolutions, these vacation dreams and my bank balance, are pretty much laughing at me at this point.

To make matters worse, my Insta feed is constantly flooded with people chilling in exotic destinations. For example, Twinkle Khanna and her fam squad:

Twinkle and Akshay Kumar, with kids, Aarav and Nitara are living it up in New York and the pictures are giving me a major case of FOMO.

1. Like, how can I ever pull off a head wrap with such swag?

2. And why doesn’t anyone take me to the zoo anymore?

My little cub is busy mapping her way around the zoo #BossBaby

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3. Forget planes and trains, I can’t even get an auto to stop for me.

A planes, trains and automobiles kind of day #traveldiaries

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4. Daaaayumn, that view!

Blue, green and everything in between – St Barts #traveldiaries

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5. Trying to keep up with Gen Z is a losing battle Twinkle. Trust me, I’ve tried.

6. This could be me and you, but you ain’t no Khiladi.

Up and down and up again-change, my old friend, is just another funfair ride

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7. Are you even at the beach if you don’t Instagram this shot?

A perfect day at the beach-making sandcastles, making memories #stbarths

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8. This must be what heaven looks like.

9. Goal, y’all!

Au revoir St Barts! #friendsforever

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10. They even stopped by London and had what looks like a wicked time.

And Mrs Funnybones even took the opportunity to remind her darling son who’s boss.

For her latest pic, she played the failsafe mom card to get Aarav to capture her OOTD. Her caption reads:

“Forcing the prodigal son to take my pictures is an art – I have to keep reminding him that these are just small ways he can pay me back for carrying him inside my body for 9 months.”

Someday I’m going to have a kid just so I can play the mom card. Sorry, future mini-me. Your fate has already been written.