People Are Sharing Beautiful Love Stories Of How They Met Their Special Someone


You may argue that love is an elusive term and I won’t blame you. With the stories of heartbreak and deceit floating around us, it is difficult not to lose hope and heart. However, and I couldn’t be more thankful, Twitter can be the saving grace at times!

That’s right, I stumbled upon a beautiful TL where tweeple are sharing stories about how they met their S.O/partner and it’s as romantic as it sounds.

It all began when a Twitter use Danny Mack asked to know about love stories!

And BAM.

It was raining love stories just like that! And it’s getting mushy with every adorable post after another. See for yourself.

1. I’d tap that!

2. Sounds like a fairytale!

3. ‘And the rest is history.’

4. Best story ever.

5. Hahahhahaha.

6. Aww incoming in 3…2..1

7. My heart skipped a beat!

8. A film could be made out of this.

9. Shortest love story ever!

10. And here’s my favourite!

I don’t know about you but my heart is a puddle right now. And this proves, there’s love everywhere. You just gotta look!

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