Mumbai Woman Narrates How Her Family Swiftly Recovered From Coronavirus At Home


Coronavirus cases have exceeded the three-lakh mark in the country and 8,884 people have reportedly succumbed to it. While the country has started easing lockdown restrictions, coronavirus cases are on an all-time high. Hence, it is extremely important to take all the necessary precautions and stay home as much as possible.

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But like me, if you are also freaking out and referring to all the information available on the internet, then this first-hand account by a Covid-19 positive patient is sure to help you. Mithila Phadke, who goes by the name @PhadkeTai on Twitter, narrated how her family of four was detected positive and how they were able to recover while staying home.

She writes:

She went on to say how they wore masks and sanitized like a ‘maniac’ but still fell sick.

First, it was her sister and then she fell sick.

That’s when they decide to get tested. So, while they were in the middle of doing all the formalities, her parents fell sick too.

But finally, they got tested.

While waiting for the results they did all they could to feel a little better.

But even though they were tested positive, no one came to inspect.

In the meanwhile, the family was feeling much better.

Days later when the authorities came, they informed her that their reports reached them late.

Mithila raised a very important question.

She concluded by saying:

Well, her post is testimony to the fact that there is no need to panic. With proper medications, abiding by the safety norms, eating well and staying sanitized, we can easily cure ourselves of Covid-19. Stay safe, guys.

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