Guess Which TV Serial These Hated-Yet-Loved ‘Vamps’ Are From In This Quiz

The reason why many Hindi TV serials that were shown back in the 2000s is memorable even today is because of the elaborate sets, costumes, (over) acting by the cast, and of course, some of the villains! Their very presence on the screen screamed *vamp* and even though we hated them, the TV serials were incomplete without them.

So, guess which TV serial these amazing female villains a.k.a “vamps” were from:

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1. If there were a prize for being the best vamp on earth, Komolika would get it. Which show was she in?

2. We all loved Ramola's exaggerated bindis!

3. And which serial showed the evilness of Jigyasa?

4. Remember Ammaji?

5. How epic was Sindoora?

6. Amrita Singh absolutely nailed the role of Nitya Nanda. Which show was the character from?

7. Who can forget Payal?!

8. Remember Anu, who was hell bent on ending Pammi and Dev's marriage?

9. Who else remembers Mallika and her iconic fashion sense?

10. And finally, we all know where the famous Rashi is from!

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