TV Serial Shows Guy & Girl ‘Kissing’ By Making Them Drink From Same Cup, Desis React

Desi television shows, for the longest time, have had weird ways of showing romance. We have seen two flowers ‘kissing’, a man ‘accidentally’ applying sindoor on a woman and getting ‘married’, a dulha swallowing a cockroach to express his love for his wife, and what not.

However, a TV serial named ‘Laapata’ recently showed a guy and a girl ‘kissing’ in the most creative way, a video of which is circulating online. In the video, the girl is seen drinking from a cup while maintaining eye contact with another guy. She goes on to offer the drink to the guy and places the cup in a way so as to show him her lipstick mark on it.

The guy then drinks from the same portion of the cup which touched the girl’s lips. Her lips touched the cup and his lips did too…so they basically kissed.

Have a look:

The reactions to the video are even better than the video! Many were reminded of their teenage days when THIS was what romance was all about!

Can’t get over how teenage me used to gush over scenes like these and replicate them in my head!

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