TV Actress Got A Casting Couch ‘Offer’ And Exposed It To Reveal The Ugly Side Of Showbiz

Double standards run deep in the veins of showbiz. Be it name-calling, mudslinging or a blame game of the filthiest order, the trade of talent never ceases to grab headlines and how!

In case you haven’t noticed already, it is a different ball game altogether when sexism shows up, broadening the gender gap. Like that wasn’t bad enough, casting couch and its likes (cue: sexual molestation/harassment) cripples the industry from within. But thank God we still have a few brave hearts left. I’ll tell you why.

In a recent incident, model and actress, Sulagna Chatterjee recently had to bear the brunt of an unwarranted work offer/conversation and it’s revolting. 

Candids are good! #nofilters #beyourself

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If you’re wondering, you might have seen Sulagna in Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava? (2011) and Pune tc (2012).

In a screenshot, Sulagna shared the horrid experience she had to go through only because she works in an industry that apparently doesn’t work without ‘compromise.’ 

When such offers are so common that you are not even affected anymore!

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She captioned the screenshot with an even jolting statement and it is just the tip of the iceberg. She wrote,

“When such offers are so common that you are not even affected anymore!”

Is this normal norm? Is this how the industry proposes work to talent? Is this what innumerable women and actress in the industry have to put up with just to earn their livelihood? Honestly, I’m scared of the answers.

But at least we have people like Sulagna who won’t bow down to the regressive culture of casting couch. We need more like her!