Tusshar Kapoor Talks About Being A Single Dad & The Lessons He’s Teaching His Son Laksshya

Being a parent is hard, let alone being a single parent whose kids grow up watching other children have two parents. It becomes a hard concept for the kid to grasp who might often feel that they have an incomplete or a “dysfunctional” family. But actor Tusshar Kapoor, who is a single father to his son Lakkshya, is teaching him important lessons on what a ‘family’ means.

In June 2016, Tusshar Kapoor became a father via surrogacy as he welcomed his son Laksshya into his life. He hasn’t married and hence, decided to be a single parent to his child. In an interview, he spoke about how he’s teaching his son the various things a ‘family’ means.


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Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“I will tell him that all families are different from each other. Sometimes there are families where the parents are in two different countries, then there are those where the child has unfortunately lost one parent. There are families where there is a single parent, and there are parents who are separated or are in a long-distance relationship. Also, there are kids who are growing up without any parents but with their grandparents. So, every family is facing some challenge or the other.”


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He further added that other, more unconventional or even dysfunctional families won’t be questioned, but he will. However, he makes sure that Laksshya understands that despite all, he has a complete family.

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“You know what, having said that, these families won’t be questioned, but I would be questioned as in my case, I am single and not married. I will be questioned, which is fine, and I have the answers. I feel being different doesn’t mean being dysfunctional. A ‘different’ family is not necessarily a ‘dysfunctional’ family. I hope to break this myth. I have told Laksshya that the family that he is in is a complete family. I think he is growing up feeling nurtured, secure and confident. And I think that is what a normal family should be like.”

Kudos to Tusshar Kapoor for proving that a ‘family’ can have various meanings and that’s okay.

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