Amazing CEO Rewards Rs 1.5 Crores To Each Employee As Bonus. World’s Best Boss?

Bosses & employees have a Tom and Jerry relationship. The love-hate relationship is perpetual.

However, this businessman is more than loved by his employees because following the sale of his company, he gave his employees 17 million pounds as a bonus. This amount after being divided amongst the 114 employees comes down to approximate 1,50,000 pounds each employee.

In Indian rupees, that is roughly equivalent to Rs 1.5 Crores each! (Yeah, it gave me a heart attack too)

So, who’s this best boss guy?

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Meet Nevzat Aydin. He is the CEO of a popular food delivery chain called Yemeksepeti in Turkey.
His company was recently taken over by a Germany-based giant, Delivery Hero, following a 375 million pound deal. The company was in no contractual bounding to pay any bonus to their employees. They did it anyway.

In his quote to the Hurriyet newspaper Nevzat said, “If there is a success, we have accomplished it together.”

This is the first of its kind gesture in Turkey has left the employees ecstatic. Many employees who have received this compensation are on the payroll with 700-1200 pound per month salary.

Speaking to media the company spokesperson, Bodo von Braunmuehl said, “The success of companies like Delivery Hero and Yemeksepeti is based on amazing company cultures where tremendous people always walk the extra mile.”

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Well, Mr Braunmuehl, with compensations like these, employees won’t mind walking many extra miles.

And, btw Mr Nevzat, are you seeing anyone currently? Because,

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