Turkish Cafe Houses Live Lion In A Glass Cage, Netizens Accuse It Of Animal Cruelty

We’ve all studied the food chain and know how the strongest species usually has power over the animal kingdom. Considering how humanity has evolved, we are undoubtedly the species which is capable of capturing or eating almost everything. But if that power is misused, we can cause the extinction of every other species except ourselves, and that won’t be a pretty sight. I guess one particular cafe in Turkey isn’t privy to that knowledge.

Mevzoo, a cafe in Turkey, recently posted a video of a young lion roaming around. What caused the outrage was that it was walking in a very narrow glass case.

The video shows a young lion, inches away from a girl in the cafe, walking around in a narrow glass case. The lion doesn’t look very well as it frantically paces around. However, no one in the cafe is irked by this situation as they happily have their dinner and smoke hookahs.

Thankfully, people online showed some sense and reported it to the officials. Upon inspection, they found out that the owner had a zoo underneath the cafe and even has all the correct papers to keep these animals. However, he has been ordered to dismantle the glass corridor within three months.

You can watch the video here:

Netizens were disturbed by this so-called rehab centre for animals in Turkey and voiced their opinions against this atrocity.

1. This is a risky affair.

2. They deserve that kind of treatment.

3. People need to step in to solve this situation.

4. Proof of degradation of society.

5. Wild animals belong in the wild.

As mentioned before, humans are the higher power for now. But with that great power comes great responsibility. And we should introspect to understand how we’re gradually degrading our future just to appear powerful.