Turkish Airline Pilot Pays Tribute To His Teacher, Gets Passengers & Netizens Emotional

To be honest, being a functional part of the society isn’t an easy job. You’ve to learn how to behave properly, analyse everyday activities and maintain a degree of discipline in your life. And all these lessons are taught by a teacher.

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However, as life goes on, we seem to forget their contribution in our life. Thankfully, unlike most of us, one Turkish Airline pilot didn’t and that led to a heartwarming moment.

Journalist Ihtisham ul Haq posted a video where a Turkish Airline pilot’s teacher happened to be on the same flight as him. What followed after that was emotional enough to reduce everyone to tears.

Although my knowledge about the Turkish language is pretty much non-existent, it’s evident that the pilot pays his respects to his teacher. And just to make the occasion more memorable, he instructs the plane’s staff to gift him a bouquet of flowers and top it off with a heartfelt hug.

Seeing the teacher and the passengers profusely crying, netizens couldn’t hold back their emotions as well. Here are some of the reactions.

No matter how successful you are in your life, never forget that your achievements definitely have something to do with your teachers. So, take some time out and just send a note of thank you to them, when you’ve the chance. Who knows? You might end up making their day.