Shocking Video Captures Planes & Buses Being Destroyed By 100Kmph Tornado In Turkey

The week has been a devastating one for Turkey with the country being hit by four violent tornadoes in just five days. However, the place which has been ripped apart by the brutal twister is Antalya, a resort city serving as the gateway to Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region.

A video which is going viral on social media shows the massive intensity of the storm which went on to wreak havoc at an airport in Antalya. The clip clearly shows airplanes being hit hard and buses being toppled by the rampage caused by the tornado.

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The 100kmph whirlwind was the fourth one in five days.

According to NDTV, 12 people who were waiting to board the plane have suffered injuries. However, none of them is in critical condition. The tornado also impaired an Airbus A321-231 and a Boeing 737-MAX8 with its assault.

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Here is the video:

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Here is another video taking us through the aftermath of the storm.

These pictures highlight the damage caused by the tornado.

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Turkey Governor, Munir Karaloglu, said that the damages are being fixed at the moment. He has also warned the citizens to remain inside their homes. A total of 229 buildings in the country has sustained damage during the storm.

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