UP Lawyer Sues Railways For Overcharging Him ₹20 In 1999, Wins The Case After 22 Years

You must have heard the legal maxim, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” This stands true in all cases. And sometimes, people often stop pursuing justice because of the laid-back attitude of the judiciary, corruption, and the fact that it’s time-consuming and mentally taxing too.

However, Tungnath Chaturvedi from Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura didn’t lose hope and stood strong against the Indian Railways for 22 years alleging they overcharged him.

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Back in 1999, Tungnath, a lawyer by profession, was traveling from Mathura to Moradabad with another person. Hence, he took two tickets from the ticket-booking counter costing Rs 35 each. When he gave the ticket clerk a 100 rupee note, he was returned only Rs 10 instead of Rs 30. They incidentally overcharged him Rs 20. Despite informing the clerk about this error, he didn’t get Rs 20 refunded. Hence, he decided to move the Railways to court, reported News18.

He filed an official complaint in a consumer court in Mathura. And finally, after 22 long years and attending more than 100 court proceedings, the consumer court ruled in favor of the 66-year-old lawyer.


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Putting more light on the case, Chaturvedi said, “I have attended more than 100 hearings in connection with this case. But you can’t put a price on the energy and time I’ve lost fighting this case.”

He further informed that the railways also tried to dismiss the case saying complaints against the railways should be addressed to a railway tribunal and not a consumer court. “But we used a 2021 Supreme Court ruling to prove that the matter could be heard in a consumer court.”

Ruling in favor of him last week, the consumer court asked the railway to pay Chaturvedi a fine of Rs 15,000 for financial and mental pain. Additionally, it also has to refund the overcharged amount of Rs 20 at a 12% interest rate for each year between 1999 to 2022. Failure to refund the said amount in 30 days would increase the rate of interest to 15%.

Lastly, the elderly said that the slow pace of consumer courts in India is the reason why it’s overburdened by so many pending cases.

This is how Twitter reacted to hearing about this case.

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Good on this dutiful lawyer who decided to fight corruption and take the railways to task for not doing their job diligently.

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