US Anchor Thinks That British Colonization Did Good To India By Leaving Beautiful Buildings

75 years later as we celebrate independence from the clutches of the British Empire, we still talk about how the colonization proved to be fatal for the country that saw millions die and is still recovering from the damage done from 1858 to 1947.

However, there are some ignorant supporters of British colonization who think that they did a favor to India by taking over it.

And one among them is an American Television host and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson who recently, in a monologue, said that the British didn’t just ‘take things’, they ‘added’ to the country they ruled over.

In the video that’s now going viral online, Carlson claims that when the British ‘pulled’ out of India, they left behind “an entire civilization, a language, a legal system, schools, churches, and public buildings all of which are still in use today.”

Citing the example of Bombay’s Chhatrapati Shivaji station aka Victoria Terminus, he said:

“There’s nothing like that in Washington DC right now much less in Cabo or Bagdad. Today, India is far more powerful than the UK, the nation that once ruled it, and yet after 75 years of independence, has that country produced a single building as beautiful as the ‘Bombay Train Station’ that the British colonialists build? No, sadly, it has not.”

He added that the British empire was more than just genocide and prevented the ritual murders of widows in India. In concluding his video about boasting about the benefits of British colonialism, he said:

“We will see many empires going forward but we will never see one so benign.”

Watch the entire video here:

Carlson might have slept like a baby that night thinking how his pro-British Rule monologue would earn him a medal but he conveniently skipped several other facts. But worry not, desis weren’t behind in reminding him that the British Raj did us more harm than good.

In this single Twitter thread, someone did the homework for Tucker Carlson just to explain to him about the Indian civilization and what impact the British had on it.

If you still don’t get it, here’s our minister Shashi Tharoor explaining it in ‘your’ language.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, desis took to Twitter saying it was about time the Kohinoor diamond on the Queen’s crown, returns to India. Many also highlighted how the British ‘stole’ several similar precious things from the countries they had ruled back in the day.

It’s sad that even after so many decades, people deny acknowledging the ills of British colonialization in the world and are proud of the massacre it created.

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