People On Twitter Are Desperately ‘Trying To Impress Her’ And It’s Definitely Working On Us

Impressing women is an art. You cannot just waltz in and speak any random sentence and expect the woman to get floored. Every woman is different, and so is her mind. While the world is still trying to figure out the way to a woman’s heart, Twitter is making its own attempts.

“Trying to impress her” jokes are trending on Twitter and we found some epic one liners which we thought you’d love to read. So here’s some help in ‘trying to impress her’. You can thank us later.

1. Getting that look right!


2. That escalated quickly.




4. Dayum son!


5. Taking jamming to another level.


6. He knows what he is doing!


7. *cough* Mohammad Kaif *cough*


8. Main baarish kar dun paison ki…


9. Did you see that coming? I did.


10. This one is the best. LOL!


11. Ouch…


12. Nailing it, two places at a time.


13. Flirting done right…NOT!


14. What a burn!


15. *hides under the sofa*


16. When Ajay is bae ?

Do you feel like a pro or what? I know, Twitter never disappoints. ?

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