People Online Talk About Times They Dropped Hilarious Truth Bombs On Their Dates


No matter how hard it is, being completely honest with your dates is necessary. Imagine being asked out for a late-night movie when you are an early sleeper and hit the bed by 10 PM, or being asked out for drinks but you find alcohol nasty but you also kinda like the guy so you say yes and end up puking on him later. HORRIBLE, right?

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Hence, being honest about what you like, don’t like, etc. especially when on dates is important. For example, this one guy made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to his date that he goes to bed at 9 PM sharp and hates late-night hangouts!

After his tweet went viral, people online started sharing their experiences of dropping massive truth bombs on their early dates with their partners. In most cases, the partners appreciated the honestly and stuck around for a long time!

So, if you don’t like hitting the club and dancing till your feet fall off or you don’t like “coffee dates”, drop the truth bomb on your partner and see what happens next!

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