Trump Boasted About Turning Down ‘Person Of The Year’ And TIME Magazine Screamed LIAR!

It’s been a year since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States. And have his critics recovered from this shock?

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Well, nope. They keep trashing him. But then again, he keeps doing some really, excuse the adjective, ridiculous things on public platforms! And you know, haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll!

So wait, what did the ginger-haired POTUS do now?

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, tweeted that he turned down the title of ‘Person of the Year’, which is an honour bestowed upon celebrities by TIME magazine every year, because it was only ‘probable’.

For those not in the know, Donald Trump was the recipient of this title last year, right after his win against Hillary Clinton in the Presidential elections.

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Trump supporters may have found his tweet worth a laugh. However, as expected, non-supporters of the President dished out one burn after another.

However, the most killer one came from TIME itself!

They say time heals all wounds. But in this case, TIME has actually inflicted one by being savage AF!

O.U.C.H! They did not just do that! No, wait, they did. They very slyly just called the POTUS a liar!

Twitter had a ball unleashing their most kickass wit and sarcasm.

1. Kaafi umda khele aap!

2. Aaaaaaaaand BOOM!

3. Us scrolling through all the savage comments!


5. #YoTrumpSoNaïve

6. Phew! It’s alright! He’s still the same Trump, you guys!

7. ICYMI, Colin Kaepernick is an American football player who protested against the racial injustice in the US by refusing to stand up for the national anthem. Trump had condemned his action via multiple tweets.

8. And looks like people have no love for Trump’s story!

9. Badass Troll Manual!

10. Same, Addison. Same.

What’s more, even Tennis star Andy Murray couldn’t resist mocking Donald Trump!

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Somebody give this Olympic Gold Medallist another gold medal for his burn!

Now we don’t really know who the Person of the Year will be for 2017. But TIME better make sure they’ve got time for photo ops and interviews beforehand!

PS: POTUS, y u do dis every time?