Trump Made A GOT Reference So HBO, Arya Stark, George Martin And The Internet Burned Him

Remember when PM Narendra Modi used a Star Wars quote during a concert? People were considerably surprised! But not shocked or disgusted, chiefly because it was in a lighter mood, in informal settings and meant to add a little fun quotient to the evening. But what Donald Trump, President of the United States, recently pulled with a Game of Thrones meme was quite the contrary, and left his people feeling utterly irked.

Yesterday, the POTUS tweeted a kind of poster of himself, with a play on the popular ‘Winter is coming’ catchphrase from Game of Thrones superimposed on it.

For reference, the sanctions refer to the US Government’s annoucement earlier that it will be reimposing new sanctions on Iran, which were discontinued after the 2015 nuclear deal. These new sanctions which are ‘coming’ will cover Iran’s shipping, financial and the extremely critical energy sectors.

While the above news is already high in its shock value, the belittling of the entire issue by using a catchphrase from a popular TV show and proclaiming it in meme format has angered a lot of people.

Twitter unleashed its firebreathing dragon-trolls on the White Walker-ish tweet faster than Daenerys could say ‘Dracarys’.

After all, the people of the United States have had so much practice since Trump became president!

Sure it’s not a parody account? Sure.

The US governance is dark and full of terrors.

You know nothing, Dave.

The outrageous GoT references in reactions were just hitting the sweet spot every single time!

After all GoT is the perfect show to talk about politics!

Samantha Bee just said what everyone was thinking about!

Now where is Tyrion to slap Joffrey when you need it?

Aiden Gillen (just like Jack Gleeson aka Joffrey) is a fantastic actor who made is truly hate  Lord Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish, because the script required him to. We wonder what’s Trump’s excuse?

Oh the littlefingers were in reference to Trump’s own fingers, FYI.

Waiting for this scene like….

Burn them all! Burn them all! (We mean Trump’s tweets)

You know nothing, Donald Trump.

Hey, nobody wants to read that book/watch that show.

Some tweets got real and savage.


The Dark Ages end?

“It’d be funny if it weren’t so scary and pathetic.”

One of my favourite tweets from the lot, with a quote from the book that so perfectly describes the Trump presidency.

I think it’s a unanimous agreement that Donald Trump is Joffrey, and even George RR Martin has once said in an interview that he thinks Trump and Joffrey share similar traits.

Basically, fan or not, everyone just felt really really bad for Game of Thrones at that moment.

Thanks for ruining it for fans!

Speaking of, HBO was equally, if not more, irked that Donald Trump decided to use a quote of their show to forward such an agenda. And they made sure they siced both fire and ice dragons on the tweet with their own response!

In a statement to CNN, HBO clarified,

“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes.”

They followed the above 9th-episode level statement with a grand finale 10th episode-level clapback on Twitter!

If Trump thought No One would be offended by that tweet, he was right. Because Arya Stark of Winterfell, whose house’s words had so been befilched by Trump, had a rather stern reaction to it too.

Maisie Williams tweeted two words from the show that were enough to shut down the Trump’s tweet.

The final and most epic shutdown came from the OG, George RR Martin himself. He sent a raven with a very important message to everyone using a classic quote from his book.

I guess Donald Trump now knows something—When you play (with) The Game of Thrones (memes), you either win or you die (at the hands of trolls). Shame!