If You Score 10/10 In This Delectable Pizza Quiz Toh Aap Lajawaab Ho!

When it comes to comfort food, pizza is what instantly comes to my mind. The thin crunchy crust, oodles of cheese, and a considerable amount of spicy chicken chunks on it instantly changes my mood.

Well, if you’re also a hard-core ‘pizzerain’ just like me then acing this yummilicous trivia quiz on pizza would be a cakewalk for you. Play on!

1. What are the five basic ingredients used to make pizza dough?

2. Look at this pizza and guess which culinary herb is used in it?

3. __________ is an Italian oven-baked folded pizza.

4. Can you guess the pizza topping by looking at this pic?

5. Where did deep-dish pizza originate?

6. Identify this cheese commonly used in pizzas.

7. Hawaiian Pizza is most famous for?

8. This classic is one of the most famous pizza orders from around the world. Can you identify it by looking at the picture?

9. Can you identify this sauce with tangy tomato undertones that is a global pizza classic?

10. If you have been binge-eating pizza, then you would easily guess this important garnish.

Images source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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