Couple From West Bengal Create Tricolour Masks To Celebrate The Spirit Of Independence Day


Every year on Independence Day, the streets are filled with orange, green, and white decorations, kids run along the streets with paper flags in their hands, and men and women alike clad themselves in tricoloured attire.

However, this year, there is going to be an addition. People can now wear tricoloured masks to express their pride for the nation! According to a report by India Today, a couple from East Burdwan district of West Bengal are manufacturing ‘Tiranga’ face masks ahead of Independence Day.

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“We thought of making tricolour masks since it will serve two purposes, it will protect people from the virus and also help express their pride for the nation,” said Khokon Sheik, who has been making face masks ever since the pandemic began.

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The masks are being sold for just Rs 20 and have become high in demand already!

Earlier, Khokon used to work as a migrant worker in Mumbai. Later, he returned back to West Bengal and started his own business. Because of the pandemic and the lockdown which followed, his business suffered immense losses. In a bid to survive, he and his wife began making masks.

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What’s a better way to pay a tribute to our nation and stay safe at the same time!

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