I Don’t Believe That I Have To Know A Person Too Well To Become Their Friend. Here’s Why.

We don’t need to have a ‘shared history’ to become friends.

You just need to share a common interest or passion with someone to form that special bond. That’s trend based friendship; you may call it ‘Trendship’

Whom do you relate more to, “Rahul” who was your school friend at the age of 7 who’s still on your Facebook friend list or “Mayank” from your biker community with whom you’ve probably spent, say just two-weekend trips with the gang?

You probably don’t even know Mayank’s full-name, his food habits, his salary, his mother’s name, his native place, his dreams or his birthday. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t change a thing.

You two are bound by your common passion. That’s it.

Today, friendships are formed over sharing trends. Check out this video by Trends to know what Trendship is all about.

There are examples galore, from book lovers to hashtag warriors, from video game lovers to football fans, from fitness freaks to fashionistas, from art lovers to trend spotters, from amateur musicians to home cooks, we live in a world full of trendships.

So what does your trend circle look like? If it has anything to do with fashion trends, you can check them out on Trends here.

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