Quiz: Only A Serial Instagram Reel Scroller Can Complete The Lyrics Of These Trending Songs

More often than not, while strolling through scores of reels on Instagram, we find ourselves singing a song (in gibberish) the lyrics of which make no sense to us. But, only a true-blue Instagram OG is able to guess the lyrics and sometimes, even the singer of the song by just hearing it once.

Well, if you are also someone who sleeps, eats, and lives on Instagram then try completing the lyrics of these trending songs that are currently a rage.

1. Badam badam o dada badam badam _______________

2. I'm unstoppable ________________

3. Yo solo sé que montaron _____________ Inna di ghetto

4. Woman, woman, woman ___________

5. Teri jhalak asharfi _________

6. Mere dil naal laare ni tu laun waliye ___________

7. Dheere dheere zara dum lena ______________

8. I'm so pretty, and he like that _________________

9. Mhari banni ne jhulan di jo _________________

10. Hey dholida, dham dham dhamak baaje ____________

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