This Company Will Pay You To Quit Your Job, Travel The World And Take Dope Pictures!

Each one of us has at least one dream destination in mind which we’ve all wanted to travel to but couldn’t because…. life. We go through our daily routine chasing targets, meeting deadlines and impressing superiors; all in the hope of that next bonus. However, somewhere at the back of your mind, your unfulfilled dream of travel keeps gnawing at you.

Well, this cruise company is offering to pay you to quit your mundane job, travel to exotic destinations and take dope pictures all day long.

Successful candidates will basically get paid for documenting your entire heart-stirring adventure.


For 3 weeks, starting in June this year, Royal Caribbean Cruises UK is offering to take sailing in the magnificent oceans of the world where all of your suppressed wanderlust can soar!


But wait. Don’t hand in your resignation just yet. They do have certain very strict conditions that all applicants must meet.

‘Candidates must be skilled in Instagram and own a smartphone.’

I suggest you reflect on all your past experiences very carefully and recognise whether you are truly qualified for this role.

Who knows, you might just livin’ it up in the Caribbean this June and be getting paid for every satisfying moment of it!

H/T: Elite Daily

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